Push Up Variations

Push Up Variations for Incredible Results

Exercises using your bodyweight are amazing but are greatly underutilized. With the aid of gravity, you can utilize your own bodyweight as the resistance needed to construct a great body.

For a long time now, push ups and various push up variations have been used by thousands to develop a great body. The reason is because push ups help build upper body strength and endurance. They help build muscles in your chest, shoulders and triceps group.

Problems arise, however, when you spend a long time doing the same regular push ups over and over again. You end up hitting a plateau and your muscles stop developing. To prevent this, you have to add some variation into your routine. I have put together a list of push up variations you can try that will challenge you in a whole new way. I’ve listed two of them here:

Medicine Ball Push Up Variation

Medicine balls are an excellent tool to add a need for balance into your exercise routine. It also allows for a greater range of motion for each repetition. A greater range of motion results in muscles being exposed to more stress and thus more growth. Using a small medicine ball, start in a regular push up position. Put one hand on top of the medicine ball and do one push up repetition. After each repetition, roll the ball to your opposite hand and perform another repetition. Continue rolling the ball from hand to hand for the entire set. 

The T-Push Up

The T-Push Up is one of the best push up modifications I use. It works well because it adds balance and stabilization into the mix. Begin the same way you would a regular push up. Explode up (as if you’re trying to push the ground away) and turn your body to one side. You should be balancing on your hand and the side of your lower foot. As you balance and extend the other hand high up above you, your body will be in the shape of a T. Face forward on your way down and perform the next repetition facing the other side.

If you are interested, there is more in-depth list of push up variations you can try. Remember that your body needs change to move past plateus-keep challenging it with new variations.